Fruit Flies in Canton, MA
June 3

What to Do About Fruit Flies in Your Sink

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April 10

Is It Safe to Rinse Coffee Grounds Down the Drain?

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Water Heater Pilot Light in Canton, MA
March 17

The Safe and Easy Way to Light Your Water Heater’s Pilot Light

Few things are as relaxing as a hot shower at the end of a stressful day in Canton. To create the hot water that you… View Article Read More

Toilet Rust Removal in Canton, MA
February 3

Removing Stubborn Rust Stains From Your Toilet Bowl

No matter how much you scrub your toilet, you’re left with disgusting orange streaks all over the bowl. Consider these options for getting rid of… View Article Read More

Washing Machine Flush in Canton, MA
January 18

How Do You Flush a Washing Machine?

When it comes to home maintenance, washing machines are often overlooked. However, regularly maintaining this appliance is very important. Proper maintenance helps keep your machine… View Article Read More

Frozen Pipe in Canton, MA
December 15

Winter Plumbing Problems and What You Can Do to Safeguard Your Home

Winter comes with its problems. The chilling temperatures affect how the systems around your home operate. One area that is hit hard is plumbing. Pipes… View Article Read More