Ductless air conditioner repair in Dedham, MA has gained in popularity as they are just about everywhere in the country now. As the name says, ductless mini splits work without the use of ducts installed beneath the floors. They are connected to a single compressor or a ductless heat pump placed outside. Our customers know that Dedham can get surprisingly hot in the summer, and long hours without cool air from ductless mini-split AC can be miserable. Repairing them is the work of our professionals at Green Energy Mechanical Inc.

Top Quality Ductless Mini-Spit Repair

There are several advantages of having a ductless air conditioning system over a traditional one. Ductless systems are quieter, less invasive to install, and energy efficient. Since each unit is put in its own room, you have greater control over which room gets cooled and how much to cool it. But like other AC systems, mini-splits can fail.

Signs that a ductless AC system needs repair:

  • Weird noises such as pops, clicks, cracks or gurgles
  • Blowing warm instead of cold air
  • Unit is leaking or not draining to the outside
  • Smells that are sour, mildewy, vinegary or fishy
  • Unit doesn’t turn on in the first place