Green Energy Mechanical Inc offers ductless mini-split maintenance in Dedham, MA and the surrounding areas. You should request these services if your ductless air conditioner has dropped in efficiency. You should also request the services if strange odors are coming from the system. Those odors may indicate mold growth in the system or burned-out wires. You should also let us maintain your AC if it blows warm air.

Dedham’s Ductless Mini-Split Services

Maintaining a ductless AC system is usually quite beneficial. For instance, when your AC system is regularly maintained, you will enjoy better indoor air quality. Maintaining this system will also help you save much money in the long run. When an AC system is maintained regularly, it will operate more efficiently, consuming less energy. It means that you will spend less money on energy than you would have spent if you did not maintain the system.

Routine AC maintenance will help ensure that you always feel comfortable when you are in your indoor space. During a preventive AC maintenance visit, our AC technicians will carefully inspect all the components of your ductless AC system. Our technicians will identify the components that need to be repaired and repair them. The result will be a properly working AC system that offers the needed comfort. You will also not have to worry about paying for costly AC repairs when you let our AC technicians maintain your air conditioner.

Here are other benefits that you will experience when you maintain your AC system:

  • Extended AC system’s lifespan
  • Improved AC system’s performance
  • Warranty coverage maintenance
  • Peace of mind

What will happen during a preventive AC maintenance visit? During a preventive AC maintenance visit, we will clean your AC system’s filters using a clean cloth. After ensuring that all dirt is removed from them, we will put them back into your AC unit. If we notice the filters are damaged, we will replace them.