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When your power goes out, it can be a real hassle. The food in your refrigerator and freezer may go to waste, all appliances and entertainment shut down, and moving around without lights becomes pretty daring. However, a power outage in your home can also be nerve-racking and scary.

Any home security system installed will be out of service when your power goes out. When the lights shut off unexpectedly, your children may panic and accidentally hurt themselves while trying to frantically navigate your home in the dark. Fortunately, Green Energy Mechanical Inc., the leader in emergency generator installation in Canton, MA, is here to help.

Emergency Backup Generator Installation

Our team of trained and certified professionals consists of the best emergency generator installers Canton, MA, has to offer. We offer various types of systems, such as:

  • Small generators that only power your essential appliances
  • Larger ones that can power your entire home or business.

Whatever kind of generator you choose, our team will install and test it to ensure it runs properly.

With the help of the automatic transfer switch (ATS), the generator automatically turns on and powers your home or office during a power outage. That means your appliances and security systems keep working during a blackout, even if you aren’t there. The engineers and electricians at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. always test the ATS before considering an emergency generator installation in Canton, MA, complete.


Most emergency generators run on natural gas or propane, but some larger generators run on diesel fuel. These generators usually appeal to a business owner with a large building like a factory, fulfillment center, or hospital.

Our team members can help you find the generator that suits your needs.

Backup generator installation usually takes one day, although some large generators might require an additional day to install. It may take longer if your property requires constructing a concrete slab for the generator to rest on. Our team can come to your property, assess the situation, and give you a specific time estimate.

Emergency generator installation cost ranges between $2,000 and $20,000. There are multiple residential and industrial generators from which to choose. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you find the right generator to fit your needs and budget.

If you’ve been searching for “emergency generator installers near me” online and live in Canton, MA, Green Energy Mechanical Inc. is your go-to team. Our emergency backup generator installation experts have the training and experience to help you decide what kind of generator works best for you and perform the installation in a professional and timely fashion.

For top-notch emergency generator installation in Canton, MA, call Green Energy Mechanical Inc. at 781-236-3421.


My furnace was not working this morning. I called Green Energy and within a few hours Terry was here and quickly took care of the problem. Terry has been here before and is very professional and friendly.
Ginny C.
Satisfied Customer
Very professional operation. Great technicians. Follow COVID protocol. Leave your house and property very clear with no trace that work had been done.
Susan G.
Satisfied Customer
Quinn was really nice, professional, and answered all my questions in a clear and easy manner. The woman I spoke with on the phone was also very kind, so I will definitely use this company again.
Peter T.
Satisfied Customer
Green Energy Mechanical is a pleasure to work. We had both air conditioning and heating installed. During both jobs, GEM was thorough and professional from start to finish.
Sussane P.
Satisfied Customer
I could not be more pleased with the service provided. We have upgraded our water heater to a tank less. We are also getting our heat and ac installed by them. They care for your home like you would
Bryan G.
Satisfied Customer

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