Since our start in 2011, Green Energy Mechanical Inc has earned our status as a highly trusted name in the home comfort business, especially for homeowners looking for ways to introduce greener, more energy-efficient solutions into their homes. While we’ve grown over the years, it hasn’t come without challenges.

Four years ago, Green Energy Mechanical Inc turned to Interise. Interise is a nonprofit agency that helps small businesses owners in low-income communities as well as businesses owned by people of color through executive education programs. At the time, we were achieving our goals as far as serving our customers with energy efficient, green solutions in their homes, but we were not profitable.

Through the education provided by Interise, our team gained education around accessing capital and financial strategies that we continue to employ today. This included seven months of courses that cover everything from marketing and HR to finance and more.

Why is this important? We strongly believe in our core values and remain committed to helping our customers find green solutions to their home comfort needs. However, we can’t achieve that goal if we can’t keep the doors open. Our pricing continues to be competitive and transparent, but now strengthened by our involvement with Interise and peer groups in our industry we are continuing to grow profitably year after year. That’s great news for both us and our customers who depend on us for green home comfort solutions!

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