Are you in need of Frozen Pipe Repair in Canton, MA? Green Energy Mechanical Inc is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating ready to take care of all your frozen pipes and more. Pipes freeze and burst when water is sitting still in your pipes and temperatures drop below freezing. Freezing temperatures are not uncommon in Canton, MA. This is why we offer emergency plumbing service. While there’s a lot that you can do to prevent pipes from freezing, the weather can catch you by surprise. Sometimes, if the weather is bad enough, even insulated pipes can freeze, especially if you are on vacation and have your heat turned down. Because we know how vital running water is to your life, when you call us with an emergency like your water pipes frozen, we spring into action.

Reliable Emergency Frozen Pipe Repair in Canton

The most common areas where you’ll find water pipes frozen are outdoor hoses, water lines that are in basements, garages, crawl spaces, and attics. If you have exterior walls that water lines run through that aren’t well insulated, you may see frozen pipes during freezing temperatures. Making sure that pipes are properly insulated with pipe sleeve insulators can help keep them from freezing. If you’re having trouble with frozen pipes, make sure your home is properly insulated in general. If you know cold weather is about to hit, you may be tempted to use antifreeze, we advise against this as it can be deadly to animals and is harmful to the environment. Instead, give these practical tips we’ve listed below, a try.

How to prevent frozen pipes during freezing temperatures:
  • Let water drip from your pipes during freezing temperature
  • If you normally lower the thermostat in your home at night, keep it at the same temperature
  • Don’t set the thermostat in your home below 55 degrees
  • If water supply lines are located in your garage, keep your garage
    door closed