If you’re in need of frozen pipe repair in Dedham, MA, you need our pipe repair experts at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. Snow and icy weather may be an endearing part of the winter and holiday season but for your pipes, this type of weather can be a different story! We might all be used to enduring the January and February deep freeze but your pipes may need a helping hand along the way. Non-insulated or poorly insulated pipes can freeze, and even worse, burst during the winter months. Burst pipes and the damage they cause can potentially cost thousands of dollars. We’ve seen instances where the damage a burst pipe can cause has rendered a home inhabitable. Fortunately, we offer help for water pipes frozen over the winter period. We can thaw, repair, and replace frozen pipes and prevent a burst from happening in the first place. Our plumbers are some of the best in the area and we’ll get to you fast if you are worried that your pipes have frozen in any part of your home.

Your Frozen Pipe Repair Experts in Dedham

You can’t see what is going on in your pipes. Plumbing that seemed fine the day before can often freeze up overnight. One of the first signs that you have frozen pipes is that you’ll notice reduced flow through a plumbing fixture, such as your shower, faucets, or toilet. If your pipes are visible in places, you might also notice that they are bulging in places. This is a sure sign that your pipes are packed with ice and need urgent attention. We offer frozen pipe repair in Dedham that will take care of any frozen pipes fast. We’ll attend to your home quickly to remove the ice and make repairs to your pipes as necessary. If we get to you fast enough, we can often reduce the need for any repairs to be carried out. That’s why we recommend that you call us at the first sign of trouble.