Green Energy Mechanical Inc offers year round service and Frozen Pipe Repair in Needham, MA. We know that with an average of 50-inches of snowfall every year, the freeze/thaw cycle can be devastating for your pipes. If your water pipes are frozen, we can help thaw everything out and repair any resulting damage. Frozen pipes can quickly turn into burst pipes if the pressure inside is too much for the pipe to handle.

Whether you’ve already thawed your frozen pipes and found a leak or you just want help getting things moving, the team at Green Energy Mechanical Inc is fully equipped to help. Our experienced plumbers can not only get your water flowing, but also recommend alternative pipe materials that better resist the cold.

Dependable Frozen Pipe Repair in Needham

Needham winters can get bitter cold, which means even with the heat blasting, frozen pipes are a risk. Pipes that run along exterior walls are the most likely to freeze, though if indoor temperatures drop, it can affect your entire house. Ice expands, taking up more space than flowing water. When that happens, it puts pressure on the interior of your pipes and makes your system more likely to fail, particularly at the seams. Our frozen pipe repair service includes an inspection to ensure all of your pipes are in good condition during a deep freeze.

If your water pipes are frozen, the fastest and easiest way to get things moving is by applying heat. Our plumbers have pipe wraps that can warm up the exterior of your pipe until everything melts and starts moving. If we get the water flowing quickly enough, it can prevent larger plumbing problems.

There are many signs to watch for that could indicate your pipes have frozen, including:
  • No water flow
  • Frost on the outside of your pipes
  • Gurgling or clanging noises
  • Unpleasant odors