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how to unfreeze outside ac unit in winter

How to Unfreeze Outside AC Unit In Winter: Steps from the Pros

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New England homeowners are familiar with the hot summers and the frigid winter conditions, and many find themselves alarmed by a frozen air conditioner. Cold weather is typical in Massachusetts, so knowing how to unfreeze outside AC units in winter is a skill that will come in handy. It is critical to address a frozen outdoor unit immediately to avoid a total breakdown or costly repairs. 

With a few simple steps, you can usually get your frozen AC back in working order. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unfreeze an AC unit and critical indicators to look for that your unit is too cold. Scheduling regular maintenance each year can prevent harmful freezing.

Green Energy Mechanical Inc. is always available for trusted AC maintenance in Canton, MA, and the nearby areas. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about unfreezing your outdoor AC unit, then call us for service.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Is Too Cold

Leaving your outdoor unit frozen for an extended period can lead to expensive compressor damage or total unit breakdown. An HVAC professional from Green Energy Mechanical Inc. can thoroughly examine your air conditioner, but you can take a few steps to determine if your unit is frozen. Keep an eye out for the following conditions that suggest you have a frozen outdoor AC unit:

  • There is noticeable ice buildup on the AC.
  • Water is pooling or leaking around the unit.
  • Despite adjusting your thermostat correctly, the air conditioner is not achieving the proper temperature.
  • The air blowing from your AC is unexpectedly warm.
  • You can hear strange noises, such as bubbling or hissing.

Unfreezing Your Outdoor Unit

Once you are sure your air conditioner unit has frozen, you can follow these steps and see if these address the issue. You might be able to resolve the frozen AC with a simple fix, but if these do not work, professional assistance from Green Energy Mechanical Inc. will help.

Let’s go over how to unfreeze an outside AC unit in winter.

1. Defrost Your AC with the Fan and Thermostat

Keep the fan on, but turn the AC off to help defrost frozen coils. It is best to turn off the fan when not in use so it does not break from excessive strain. Try to leave your air conditioner to thaw as much as possible before turning it on and using it.

2. Replace Your Dirty Air Filters with New Ones

Dirty or clogged air filters limit proper airflow, and ice can build up on them if left too long. Examining the condition of your filters monthly, even during off seasons, will keep it in check. Additionally, we recommend replacing your filters every three months for the best results.

Your air conditioner will struggle against a dirty air filter and attempt to work harder, causing increased energy bills, unnecessary wear, and insufficient cooling. You will get the most out of your AC with a clean filter and proper maintenance.

3. Examine the Condensate Drain and Pan

An air conditioner’s condensate pan should not leak or drip a puddle of water. As the ice thaws, there may be buildup, and placing towels or cloths under the pan can prevent the water from spreading further. If the problem persists even after your AC thaws, call a professional to stop the leak.

You should also inspect your condensate drain for blockages from the pan to the drain. Excess dirt and debris can clog the pathway and lead water to pool and leak. Cleaning the drain and removing pipe obstructions unfreeze your AC.

How Long Does an AC Take to Unfreeze?

Your air conditioner can take an hour or two to unfreeze or up to 24 hours.

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We know how to unfreeze an outside AC unit in winter and get your system working correctly and efficiently. Our expert team will quickly determine the source of the freeze and resolve the issue. Call us at (877) 561-0627 to schedule an appointment with Green Energy Mechanical Inc!


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