Do you need a reliable mini-split in Dedham, MA? Green Energy Mechanical Inc can help you install your mini air conditioner without a hassle. The mini AC has become more popular because of the many advantages to homeowners. Not only is the appliance quiet, but it also uses far less energy and works perfectly for zonal cooling. If you have no idea what you’re doing, it’s best to leave the installation work to an expert. When your ductless air conditioner is older than 10 years, you might start to notice some problems. Increased operating costs are a sign that it’s time to consider replacing your current unit.

Mini-Split Installation in Dedham

With DIY projects being all the rage today, many homeowners believe the ductless AC is easy to stall. They may appear smaller than your average AC, but that doesn’t mean you can handle the installation alone. Also, if you’re considering hiring a handyman to do the work, you should avoid that.

Having your ductless mini-split installed by an expert ensures the following:

  • Avoid air leaks
  • No damage to the unit during installation
  • Keep the outdoor unit sturdy
  • Ensure energy efficiency

If you’ve had your mini-split AC for a while, you might be unsure about when to replace the unit. We’ll help you know whether your system is due for replacement once our experts examine the appliance. Inefficient cooling is usually one of the main signs that something isn’t working right. Once your ductless AC is beyond repair, you only have the option of getting a new one.