Getting a mini-split in Westwood, MA, could turn out to be a very strategic move. These units make sense for a lot of our customers in this area of Westwood because of their affordability and efficiency. Plus, they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of installation location. You don’t need any existing ductwork to get one of these units installed. A mini-split air conditioner could keep areas of your home nice and cool so that you can better weather the hot and humid temperatures we can experience.

Quality Mini-Splits in Westwood

A variety of customers have reached out to us for assistance with mini-split air conditioners. Many of them live in places that don’t have ductwork. Installing a central air conditioning system might be too expensive, if even feasible for the configuration of the home, In these cases, a mini-split air conditioner would be much more ideal. The basic system consists of an indoor air handling unit as well as an outdoor unit. These units don’t have to be right next to each other, so that’s why Green Energy Mechanical Inc can typically suggest a few different configurations for a space. Also, you could have several indoor units connected to the same outdoor unit. Having different zones gives you more control over the temperature of each area of your place.

Some customers have these systems installed in additions or in specific rooms of their home that may not be connected to central air. This would typically result in a relatively affordable solution. Compare this to the cost of extending ductwork and potentially making other modifications to account for the extra square footage that needs to be cooled.