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how to stop a toilet from overflowing

How To Stop a Toilet From Overflowing

Don’t stress over problems with your toilet. Call Green Energy Mechanical Inc. at 781-236-3421 for immediate help. 

Imagine flushing your toilet only to find that a clog forces the water level to rise and eventually spill over the top of the bowl. This situation is messy, stressful, and very inconvenient. Fortunately, an overflowing toilet is fairly simple to fix.

This guide will teach you how to stop a toilet from overflowing so you can avoid the mess and solve the root problem. If your plumbing issue needs professional attention, you can count on Green Energy Mechanical Inc, the top-rated emergency plumber in Canton.

Cut off the Toilet’s Water Supply

When the water from your toilet overflows, the first thing you need to do is cut off the supply to your toilet bowl. You’ll need to lift up your toilet tank lid and find the flapper valve. You can usually find this piece in the center of the tank — look for the plug-like piece with a rubber coating.  

Reach down into the tank and push down on the flapper valve. Don’t worry about cleanliness since the water in the tank is completely sanitary. Once you push the flapper valve, water will stop flowing into the bowl.

The next step is to locate the float that connects to the tank fill valve. Lift up the float for about a minute or until the water level drops down to normal. You should then clean up any spilled water on your floor before moving on to the next step. 

Bring Out the Plunger

If you have a toilet plunger, now is the time to use it. Removing any blockage from the drain is how to stop a toilet from overflowing. Make sure to use a large plunger built for toilets rather than a sink plunger. 

Position the cup of the plunger over the drain hole and push it down gently, then gradually apply more speed and pressure. This use of suction should eventually push clogged material through the pipe and allow water to follow. Keep making this motion until the clog pushes through the system. 

Flush the toilet to see if your plumbing works as it should. If there is insufficient flushing or the water starts to back up again, keep plunging until the blockage is gone. 

Remove Foreign Objects

An overflowing toilet is no joke and even forced a national park to close. However, it’s not always waste that can cause the problem. Foreign objects such as children’s toys, watches, or plastic can clog the drain and lead to a toilet overflow. 

If a foreign object clogs your toilet, plunging it won’t help. Instead, you should try snaking the toilet with an auger. This plumbing tool features a long cable that you can move through your drain by cranking the handle on the attached rod. 

Once the cable reaches the clog, you may be able to retrieve the object and remove it. Without an auger, the only other options are to call a professional plumber or detach the toilet from the flange.

If you opt to remove the toilet to locate the foreign object, you’ll need to get a new wax ring before you can place the toilet back on the flange. This step also requires that you secure the toilet to the floor with silicone so you prevent leaks. 

Upgrade Your Plumbing System

All of these tips to stop a toilet from overflowing can usually solve the problem. However, if you consistently deal with overflowing toilets, it may be time to call a professional plumber. Any number of problems can contribute to frequent clogged drains, many of which aren’t visible to you. 

Let an expert inspect your plumbing system to check for problems with your sewer line, septic tank, or drain lines. If there are any larger issues at hand, they will fix them and save you the trouble. It’s also possible that your plumbing system is fine, and all you need to do is upgrade to a toilet with a more powerful flush.

Do You Still Have Plumbing Problems? Contact Green Energy Mechanical Inc. 

You now know how to stop a toilet from overflowing, but you may still need a reliable plumber for deep clogs. Turn to the experts at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. for everything from emergency toilet repair to figuring out the right type of flange for your toilet. Call 781-236-3421 to request immediate service from a licensed plumber on our team.

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