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will a sump pump burn out if it runs continuously

Will a Sump Pump Burn Out if it Runs Continuously?

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While you may rely on your sump pump, you might be wondering whether it should only be running during or after heavy rains. Will a sump pump burn out if it runs continuously during drier seasons? 

In this guide, Canton’s professional plumber explains why sump pumps might need to run continuously and whether this can cause any serious problems for the mechanisms involved.

Should Sump Pumps Run Continuously?

Sump pump systems are perfect for homeowners who want to protect their basements from water damage. These machines extract water and push it out of your home through a discharge pipe. Your sump pump system should run when the sump pit’s water level reaches a specific point, but it will typically switch off once the pit’s water table returns to normal.

Of course, you may have noticed that some sump pumps keep cycling even after they’re supposed to stop. Here are some possible reasons to consider before calling for professional repairs:

Float Switch Issues

The float is a small ball-like piece that floats on top of the water in your sump pit. As the water table rises, so does the float. It connects to a float switch, which triggers the sump pit’s drainage once the water covers a preset threshold.

However, these simple float switches sometimes get stuck, tricking your pump into thinking it needs to drain the water. Other times, it gets caught in your unit’s electrical cord. No matter the issue, you should regularly inspect your sump pump’s float switch to ensure it is working properly.

Could a sump pump burn out because of a broken or old float switch? Yes. But it will undoubtedly be a better use of your money to buy an entirely new sump pump rather than only replacing a very expensive switch.

Bad Check Valve

Sump pump systems should push water out of a sump pit and through a discharge pipe. The check valve prevents backflow in this pipe, but when it malfunctions, the water will flow back into the pit.

Take a look at your check valve. If your valve isn’t working, your pump will get stuck in a loop of draining water only for it to return. If your unit cycles repeatedly, it will wear out quickly.

The solution is to inspect your check valve regularly. If it’s broken or damaged, purchase a replacement check valve. Unlike float switches, these pieces are cheap and easy to install.

How Can Property Owners Prevent Sump Pump Burnout?

So, will a sump pump burn out if it runs continuously? The answer is yes. Over time, your sump pump’s parts will wear down, leading to strain on the system and irreparable damage. 

Your unit’s motor will also experience severe stress and likely give out after prolonged usage. There are two types of sump pump motors: intermittent and continuous motors. 

  • Intermittent motors function for 20 to 30 minutes an hour.
  • Continuous motors can run for up to 24 hours. 

Check your unit’s motor type, as it affects the chances of experiencing sump pump system failure. You’ll also want to consider regular sump pump maintenance to protect your pump from damage. If your pump is old or needs a better motor, contact local sump pump replacement experts like Green Energy Mechanical Inc. for a quote.

How much does a new sump pump cost?

New sump pumps are very reasonably priced, and hiring professional installation services will ensure that it is properly installed and maintained. The unit’s price also depends on the manufacturer, motor, and whether it uses a pit or a pedestal.

How long do sump pumps last?

A sump pump system’s lifespan depends on numerous factors, such as:

  • Manufacturer
  • Motor type
  • Level of maintenance
  • Usage

However, these pumps usually last up to 10 years, although it is sometimes beneficial for energy efficiency to replace them more frequently. Experts also recommend inspections once a year.

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