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Water Heater Stopped Working: 8 Top Causes

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Your water heater is one of the most essential appliances in your home. It plays an integral role in the modern comforts you enjoy. Therefore, it’s always disconcerting when you turn on the faucet and discover your water heater stopped working.

As Canton’s trusted water heater repair experts, we’ve seen all the possible causes why a water heater will stop working. We’ll share eight of them in this article.

General Causes

There are two main general reasons why most water heaters will stop working:

1. Water Leak

Hot water spends time in your water heater and only flows to taps and showerheads when someone needs hot water. Even for tankless heaters, the water has to flow through the heater before it can reach the user. So, any leak in the pipework can lead to the hot water wasting before it reaches the user.

Your water heater won’t work in this situation, even though the problem isn’t directly with it. Check the area around the heater for signs of leaks and request professional repairs.

2. Old Age

You can use gas water heaters for up to 12 years with good maintenance; you can get up to 15 years of service out electric heaters. As these systems reach the end of their lifespan, there’s a higher chance of complete failure.  

So, if your water heater stopped working for no apparent reason, it may just be too old.

We recommend picking out a new heater once your heater clocks ten years of use. It’s the best way to avoid the unwanted surprise of a cold shower one winter morning. 

3. Unexpected Water Usage

Do you have visitors? Your water heater may just be creaking under the increased demand for hot water. With a little bit of patience, the heater should resume supplying hot water.

Causes Affecting Gas Heaters

4. Gas Supply Line Leak

Your gas water heater won’t work if there’s a leak in the supply line. Just like your furnace or stove won’t work without gas, the heater will stop working without a steady gas supply. This situation is more than a minor inconvenience.

If you can perceive the smell of gas during your investigations, you should evacuate your home immediately and contact your utility company, as it’s a major emergency. With the leak fixed, you’ll need to relight the pilot light to get the water heater working again. Your plumber can help at this stage.

5. Blown Out Pilot Light

Your system should automatically ignite the pilot light once it senses the need to heat water. If your water heater stopped working, check the window in front to confirm that your pilot light is working.

If you can’t see a bright blue flame, it may be time to relight it. A yellow pilot light signifies the presence of carbon monoxide—another situation you should treat as an emergency.

6. Faulty Thermocouple

The thermocouple is there to turn off the gas flow when the heater isn’t active. Cleaning or repositioning the thermocouple to ensure it’s in the right position can get your water heater working again. If that fails, you’ll need to talk to a technician about a replacement.

Causes Affecting Electric Heaters

7. Tripped Circuit Breakers

The breaker box controls electric appliances in your home, including the electric water heater. If something has tripped off the circuit breaker, your heater won’t work. Switching the breaker switch from the “Off” to the “On” position should restore normalcy. If it trips off again, it’s time to call in a professional to have a look.

8. Heating Elements Failure

If there are no problems with the circuitry, you’ll have to turn your attention to the heater itself. The heating element can fail for several reasons, but the surest way to know if the heating element is the problem is to call in a technician.

Call the Licensed Plumbers Near You for the Solution to Your Water Heater Problems

Whether your water heater smells like gas or just doesn’t respond anymore, we can help. Our professional team can repair all types of water heaters on the market today. So, if your water heater stopped working suddenly, you should be glad to know that the solution is a phone call away.

 Call the Green Energy Mechanical Inc. team in Canton, MA, at (781) 236-3421 for speedy solutions. We are available round the clock.


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