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If you’re looking for an “AC coil cleaning company near me,” call Green Energy Mechanical Inc at (781) 531-8608 for top-notch service.

Save your HVAC unit from constant repairs with a robust preventative maintenance plan. As the top AC coil cleaning company in Canton, MA, Green Energy Mechanical Inc knows the importance of keeping your AC coils in optimal condition. When you need professional AC coil cleaning services, call your local professionals at (781) 531-8608.

AC Coil Cleaning - Green Energy Mechanical Inc.
AC Coil Cleaning - Green Energy Mechanical Inc.

Why Clean Your AC Coils?

Split-system air conditioners use an indoor unit with an evaporator coil to communicate with the outside unit, which houses the condenser coil. Your HVAC unit relies on clean coils to transfer heat in and out of your home, allowing your AC to cool the air. While some homeowners choose DIY methods to clean their coils, only an AC coil cleaning company knows the correct method your coils require to keep everything running smoothly.

Improper AC coil cleaning results in buildup of dirt, dust, and other debris between the tight coil fins. Dirty AC coils have to work harder to provide you with cool air and, after a time, may fail to move heat out of your home correctly. Other adverse effects include:

Less Humidity Control

Your AC coils help lower humidity in your home. Too much moisture can create an uncomfortable environment and provide the perfect atmosphere for mold and mildew to grow.

Less Energy Efficiency

Because your AC has to work harder to meet your temperature settings, it uses more electricity and increases your utility bill.

More Stress On Your AC Unit

As your HVAC system struggles to keep up with dirty coils, it experiences stress that can worsen its condition. Components can break down and require replacement, forcing you to place frequent service calls for an AC coil cleaning company in Canton, MA.

Benefits of Using Local AC Coil Cleaning Services

When you call Green Energy Mechanical Inc after looking for an “AC coil cleaning company near me,” you’ll enjoy our professional experience with HVAC systems in Canton, MA’s unique climate. We can clean any HVAC system’s AC coils and provide you with maintenance guidance to keep your AC in the best condition. Along with fewer service calls and the knowledge that your AC has the best care possible, you’ll enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Saving on your utility bill
  • A lengthened lifetime of your HVAC system
  • Indoor odor elimination
  • Comfortable indoor humidity
  • Improved indoor air quality

When Should I Clean My AC Coils?

Our HVAC professionals can help you plan for proper AC maintenance. We recommend a coil cleaning and maintenance check at least once a year, usually before summer hits, so we can ensure your AC keeps you cool. Check your coils every six months and schedule a cleaning whenever they seem dirtier than usual.

Top-Rated AC Coil Cleaning Company in Canton, MA

When you need professional AC coil cleaning, call Green Energy Mechanical Inc at (781) 531-8608. We’re the top-rated AC coil cleaning company in Canton, MA, and we can’t wait to show you why.


My furnace was not working this morning. I called Green Energy and within a few hours Terry was here and quickly took care of the problem. Terry has been here before and is very professional and friendly.
Ginny C.
Satisfied Customer
Very professional operation. Great technicians. Follow COVID protocol. Leave your house and property very clear with no trace that work had been done.
Susan G.
Satisfied Customer
Quinn was really nice, professional, and answered all my questions in a clear and easy manner. The woman I spoke with on the phone was also very kind, so I will definitely use this company again.
Peter T.
Satisfied Customer
Green Energy Mechanical is a pleasure to work. We had both air conditioning and heating installed. During both jobs, GEM was thorough and professional from start to finish.
Sussane P.
Satisfied Customer
I could not be more pleased with the service provided. We have upgraded our water heater to a tank less. We are also getting our heat and ac installed by them. They care for your home like you would
Bryan G.
Satisfied Customer

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