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furnace is not working after a power outage

Why Your Furnace Is Not Working After a Power Outage

Many Canton homeowners experience electrical issues after a blackout that prevent them from using various residential fixtures and devices, including their furnaces. However, figuring out why your furnace is not working after a power outage isn’t always easy since blackouts can cause numerous electrical issues. That’s why Green Energy Mechanical Inc. is here to explain a few potential reasons why your furnace isn’t working and how to restore its power.

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Three Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Working After a Power Outage

Massachusetts has a reputation for extremely cold winters. It’s common for temperatures to reach below freezing, making it crucial to have a fully functional furnace to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the chilly winter season. Unfortunately, power disruption impacts furnaces in a variety of ways, causing several problems that prevent them from operating correctly or even turning on.

However, you can restore your furnace’s power once you understand proper furnace outage troubleshooting. Below are a few potential reasons why your furnace is not working after a power outage in Canton, Massachusetts.

1. Power Supply Issues

Sometimes, blackouts shut off your furnace’s power supply even after the city restores your electricity. Although power supply issues occur for numerous reasons, two of the most prevalent are:

  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • An activated automatic power shutoff mechanism

Tripped circuit breakers are the most common power supply issue and the easiest to resolve. Circuit breakers trip to protect furnaces when they receive a sudden influx of electricity during a power surge. 

To resolve a tripped breaker, find your property’s breaker box and flip the tripped breaker back on. This should restore your furnace’s power and efficiency.

Older furnaces have ground fault interrupter outlets that identify electrical issues and shut off your furnace before they adversely affect it. Resetting furnaces after power loss is a bit tricky and requires a professional technician. Always contact a heating and cooling service to help you reset your ground fault interrupter after a power outage.

2. Thermostat Problems

While most thermostats run off batteries, they still connect to your property’s electrical system to send information to your furnace. Power outages can negatively impact thermostats in several ways, depending on your thermostat’s wiring and design. That said, the most common thermostat power issues include:

  • Low batteries
  • Automatic safety resets
  • The thermostat automatically shuts off

Before you check your thermostat’s batteries and reset function, ensure the power switch is in the on position. Sometimes, homeowners forget to power on their thermostat if they turned it off during a blackout. However, if the thermostat is already on but isn’t activating, replace the batteries and see if it restores its power.

If the thermostat still won’t turn on, the power outage could have activated its safety reset function. To reset your thermostat, open your home’s breaker box and turn the thermostat’s power supply off. Wait around 30 seconds before turning it back on to restore its power.

Also, some thermostats feature automatic lock-out functions that alter the device’s settings after a blackout. If your thermostat has a lock-out function, read through the instructions manual to learn how to reverse these settings and restore its operations.

3. The Furnace Needs a Rest

Most residential furnaces have a red or yellow reset button that can restore their operations after a power outage. However, before you reset your furnace, you need to reset its circuit breaker. Simply go to your breaker box, switch the breaker off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on.

Next, If you have a gas furnace, shut off the unit’s pilot light and wait until the gas disperses. Finally, push the furnace’s reset button to restore its power and operations. Keep in mind that you may need to hold the button down for 30 seconds to fully reset your furnace (depending on the model).

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If your furnace is not working after a power outage and requires professional attention, contact Green Energy Mechanical Inc. Our team has vast experience fixing and preventing heating system failures and will breathe new life into your unit without stressing your budget. From repairing old gas furnaces to installing modern electric heating systems, no job is too big or too small for Green Energy Mechanical Inc.

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