Summer must seem like it’s flying by too fast, thanks to all the good times and fun you are having. Unfortunately, the end of summer is just a couple of weeks away, and it’s going to be another three seasons until you can have such extraordinary times again. But as summer draws to an end, it’s good to try and make the best of the little remaining time while engaging in end-of-summer maintenance for your home, HVAC system, and other home comfort systems. Starting your end-of-summer maintenance will allow you to have a smoother transition to fall.

We at Green Energy Mechanical Inc are a reputable home comfort services provider serving Canton town and the surrounding areas of Norfolk County, Massachusetts. We offer a broad range of home comfort services, including cooling, heating, plumbing, and electrical. Moreover, we leverage our expertise to enlighten our clients on how they can better look after their home comfort systems. Here is our professional insight on everything you should know about end-of-summer maintenance for your home, HVAC system, and other home comfort systems.

Why Is End-of-Summer Maintenance Important?

Maybe you are a new homeowner, and you are hearing about end-of-summer maintenance for the first time or are not aware of its benefits. Here are 3 reasons why you need to undertake end-of-summer maintenance.

Extends Systems Lifespan

Undertaking end-of-summer maintenance is an easy way for you to extend the lifespan of your AC unit and other home comfort systems. Summer can be strenuous to your AC unit, and by the end of it, many of its components might have worn out. This would be a great time to replace them and give your system a longer lifespan. Moreover, during the end-of-summer maintenance, you will identify any threats to and potential problems with your home’s unit and fix them before the harsh fall and winter weather can make them a reality. Doing so will increase its lifespan.

Improves the Efficiency of the Systems

End-of-summer maintenance enables you to improve the efficiency of your systems like the furnace or boilers, which will be highly needed throughout the coming three cold seasons. Besides this, you will be fixing unwanted openings and crevices on your home’s structure to prevent warm air from escaping. When warm air escapes, your heating systems will have to work harder to maintain the warmth in your home’s interior, which requires more energy. The improved efficiency means that you will be cutting down the cost of heating your home during these seasons.

Reduced Emergency and Costly Repairs

Undertaking end-of-summer maintenance on your home comfort systems means less chance that you will have to deal with emergency repairs or costly repairs. This is because you will sort out any problems early before they can advance to a point where they can fail and cause an emergency or require expensive repairs.

End-of-Summer Maintenance Tips

As you have learned, end-of-summer maintenance is very beneficial. Here are some tips that will help you perform your end-of-summer maintenance correctly.

Clean Your HVAC System

During summer, dust usually accumulates in various sections of your AC system. If you fail to remove this dust, it can cake up your unit and turn into bigger problems. Cleaning your HVAC system will get rid of this dust and other debris. Here are 4 ways of cleaning your AC system.

  • Replace your air filter or clean it if it’s reusable.
  • Check your AC drain and clear it.
  • Clean your ductwork.
  • Vacuum your evaporator fins and wash your AC condenser with running water.

If you have a furnace with an air filter, you should also clean or replace it. This will ensure that you don’t forget while avoiding the price hikes that many last-minute buyers face when demand is high. Moreover, check your water heater and replace or repair anything that’s worn out. All of these will work to boost the efficiency of your heating systems.

Examine Your Roof and Gutters

Inspect your roof and gutters for any debris build-up and clean it away. Check your gutters for signs of rusting, and if the rusting is extensive, replace them with vinyl and aluminum gutters that are rust-proof. Additionally, check if any gutters or roof shingles are loose and tighten them up while ensuring there are no leaks.

Take Care of Your Yard’s Landscaping

As part of your end-of-summer maintenance, you will have to take care of your yard’s landscaping for it to still be in excellent shape next summer. This will also keep your home and HVAC system safe from damage by falling leaves, twigs, branches, and even trees. Here are 3 ways of taking care of your yard’s landscaping:

  • Trim the grass on your yard and cut back any that comes close to your home’s walls.
  • Prune any tree branches that are hanging too close to your home.
  • Cut down any trees that look unstable.

This would mean that few bugs would escape the winter cold by moving into your home because the grass would be cut back. Moreover, your roof and gutters are less likely to have a build-up of leaves and other debris that would block their drainage function that could harm your AC unit. Falling branches and trees can cause significant damage to your home’s roof and AC unit, too. Given that most branches and trees fall during autumn storms and winter blizzards, the loss will be amplified by the ensuing water damage.

Fix Your Driveway

The hot summer weather might have caused significant damage to your driveway, including cracks and potholes. You must fix your driveway as part of your end-of-summer maintenance, as not doing so can exacerbate the problems in fall and winter. Start by cleaning out the cracks and potholes and let them dry sufficiently. Apply ready-to-use fillers, which are available for both concrete and asphalt driveways at your nearest hardware store. Finally, apply a sealant coating on your entire driveway – this will take about three days to dry.

Fix Openings on Your Walls, Doors, and Windows

The openings on your walls, doors, and windows need to be fixed before the onset of fall. You can use duct tape and caulk for smaller openings like cracks and use cardboards for larger openings. This will ensure that all the warm air stays inside your home throughout the cold seasons, optimizing the efficiency of your heating systems.

Reliable Service for Your Home Comfort Needs

You should have experienced AC technicians helping you with your end-of-summer maintenance. We at [company­_name] provide reliable service for your home comfort needs. Besides the conventional heating and cooling solutions, we are among the few home comfort service providers installing and maintaining the newly introduced geothermal AC systems.

We have been serving the residents of Canton and the surrounding areas in Massachusetts since 2008, and we have numerous happy clients. Moreover, we are a Better Business Bureau ranked enterprise with an A+ rating for our outstanding services. Reach out to us today for your timely and expert home comfort services and emergency assistance.

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