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how to stop water leaking from pipe joints

How to Stop Water Leaking from Pipe Joints

Are your plumbing systems leaking and causing water damage? Call the experts from Green Energy Mechanical Inc. to avoid major disrepair to your home or business.

Without healthy plumbing, it would be much harder to perform daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. However, small leaks can create significant challenges for your home.

Pipe joints commonly spring minor leaks. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to stop water from leaking from pipe joints within your home. 

While DIY solutions offer temporary solutions, call a professional plumber in Canton, MA, for permanent fixes. Since joint leaking can cause significant water damage within your home, don’t hesitate to contact the experts from Green Energy Mechanical Inc. for repairs today.

What Is a Pipe Joint?

Pipe joints are the connective pieces that bind two pipes together, linking the infrastructure that transports your home’s water supply and sewage. Most of the time, pipes connect by screwing into joints. While manufacturers aim to achieve a watertight seal on all pipe joint connections, even minor errors in installation can cause leaks and water damage. Thus, maintaining healthy pipe joints and strong connections helps avoid expensive repairs.

Types of Pipe Joints

There is no standard pipe joint for plumbing connections. In fact, several possible joints could be linking your plumbing infrastructure and present leak risks. 

Identifying the type of pipe joints within your home helps direct professionals toward the appropriate repair work. Joint types will typically depend on whether you have plastic, flexible, or copper pipes.

The different types of pipe joints include:

  • Union joint
  • Elbow joint
  • Socket or coupler joint
  • Tee joint
  • Compression joint
  • Flanged joint

Professionals can help you identify the different types of pipe joints throughout your home and perform suitable repairs.

How Do Pipe Joint Leaks Occur?

There are two primary causes of pipe joint leaks. As your pipes break down from corrosion, small holes or leaks might form that threaten your home with potential water damage.

Another leading cause of pipe leaks is loose threads. Threads that are wide and loose weaken connections between pipes and allow leak formation. Loose threads are common with plastic pipes.

Learn How to Stop Water Leaking from Pipe Joints

Learning how to stop water leaking from pipe joints protects your home. While the following methods offer temporary solutions for leaking joints, professional repairs might be necessary to protect your system long-term. Remember to turn off running water before beginning repairs with the following solutions.

Apply Plumber’s Tape

Plumber’s tape can temporarily resolve leaks caused by loose threads. Apply tape in a clockwise direction on your pipes’ threads so that it will tighten further as you reconnect it to the joint. 

Use an Epoxy Putty

You can easily apply epoxy putty to the surface of your pipe if there are small holes or leaks present. Epoxy putty spreads onto your pipes and dries at room temperature, hardening to prohibit leaks and unwanted water flow. 

Tighten Joint Connections

Joint leaks might indicate loose connections between your pipes and joints. Use a wrench to tighten these connections and see if the leak stops.

Utilize Fiberglass Wrap

Fiberglass wrap fuses with cracks and holes in pipes to create a more permanent solution for leaky joints. Infused with a water-activated resin, apply fiberglass wrap and douse it with water to create a steel-tight seal on your pipes.

Put Self-Fusing Silicone Tape on Pipes

Self-fusing silicone tape offers another temporary fix. This tape features a self-binding chemical that strengthens its connections to your pipe as water flows through. Try wrapping around the leaky area to temporarily stop the unwanted water flow.

Use a Patch and Clamp

Patching small holes and tightening pipe connections with a clamp restricts leaks. These basic tools will only provide a very brief reprieve from joint leaks.

Call Professional Plumbers for Inspections and Repairs

The best solution for leaking joints is to call professional plumbers for inspections and repairs. Equipped with the best equipment and tools, plumbers from Green Energy Mechanical Inc. can install permanent solutions for joint leaks.

Hire a Top-Rated Professional Plumber from Green Energy Mechanical Inc.

Expert plumbers from Green Energy Mechanical Inc. offer unbeatable repair services to restore optimal functioning. Our professionals perform leak detection and repair services to safeguard your property from water damage. Opt for permanent solutions from professionals today.

For more information about how to stop water leaking from pipe joints, call (781) 236-3421 and request a free quote from Green Energy Mechanical Inc.

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