Sump pumps work all day long out of sight, and they’ve saved many basements in Needham, MA from flood damage. Without sump pumps, even minor water incursion issues can easily turn into messy situations. Green Energy Mechanical Inc provides prompt, efficient help and our pros have decades of experience making sure our customers receive high-quality sump pump assistance.

Sump pumps are important to prevent flooding issues so they cannot grow into a massive problem. It’s recommended to let an expert troubleshoot and handle the repair. One wrong decision can spell doom for your basement. Sump pumps are usually in the corner of your basement and rest inside a hole, known as a sump pit. It is constructed to pump out water that accumulates in the pit and prevents flooding. That means it’s crucial that you keep it in working condition, so it can do its job and prevent water damage. Fortunately, Green Energy Mechanical Inc can help you out with a sump pump repair as well as installations, so you can ensure that you are always protected.