When is the last time you had your hot water boiler or on-demand hot water heater flushed? Chances are if it has been more than two years, it’s time to do so. Why is a flush important? Over time, hard water deposits calcify and coat the metals in your heat exchanger and make it more difficult for the water to easily flow through. This causes your machine to work longer, using more energy and reduces the life of your system.

How to flush your boiler or tankless on-demand (OD) water heater:

Step 1: Turn off the power to the boiler or OD water heater.
Step 2: Isolate your heating system by shutting off all necessary valves
Step 3: Connect a hose from one side of the heat exchanger to a transfer/submersible pump
Step 4: Connect another small hose from the other side of the heat exchanger to a bucket.
Step 5: Fill a bucket with vinegar or chemical solution and place the pump in the bucket.
Step 6: Connect power to pump and open valves to the isolated system only.
Step 7: Start flushing with a solution for 15 minutes. Stop and rotate hoses to flush another side.
Step 8: After 15 minutes, drain the solution, fill a bucket with water, and flush for another 15 minutes.
Step 9: Drain the water again and then fill the system with water, ensure there are no air pockets.
Step 10: Open all valves, turn the power on and check system operations.

However, you can leave it to the professionals, and Green Energy Mechanical Inc can flush your heating system for you and ensure it is done properly.

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