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AC Installation In North Easton, MA

If you’re interested in an AC installation in North Easton, MA, and the surrounding areas, Green Energy Mechanical Inc has the experienced team you can count on. If your air conditioner is installed correctly, or if major installation problems are found and fixed, it will perform efficiently for years with only minor routine maintenance. However, many air conditioners are not installed correctly. As an unfortunate result, modern energy-efficient air conditioners can perform almost as poorly as older inefficient models.

With Green Energy Mechanical Inc, you can always be confident your air conditioner has been installed perfectly. We have performed countless AC replacements and new installations, and carry a range of efficient, reliable, and powerful air conditioners for our valued customers.

AC Installation - Green Energy Mechanical Inc.

Experienced AC Replacement In North Easton

Green Energy Mechanical Inc will walk you through the entire AC installation process. From choosing your new air conditioner to explaining all of the different features, sizes, and efficiency ratings, we’ll make sure you have the support you need. We can also help you decide if your current system is a better candidate for repair or replacement. From SEER ratings and BTUs to ductless systems and more, we’ll answer all of your questions!

When it comes to the actual installation day, we have a tried-and-tested AC installation process that we follow to guarantee great results both now and for many years to come.


  • allows adequate indoor space for the installation, maintenance, and repair of the new system, and installs an access door in the furnace or duct to provide a way to clean the evaporator coil.
  • uses a duct-sizing methodology such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual D.
  • ensures there are enough supply registers to deliver cool air and enough return air registers to carry warm house air back to the air conditioner.
  • installs duct work within the conditioned space, not in the attic, wherever possible – insulating it where it must be run outside the treated structure.
  • seals all ducts with duct mastic and heavily insulates attic ducts.
  • locates the condensing unit where its noise will not keep you or your neighbors awake at night, if possible.
  • places the condensing unit in a shady spot, if possible, which can reduce your air conditioning costs by 1% to 2%.
  • verifies that the newly installed air conditioner has the exact refrigerant charge and air-flow rate specified by the manufacturer.
  • locates the thermostat away from heat sources, such as windows, or supply registers.

AC Replacement With Older Systems

If you are replacing an air conditioner, be sure that the evaporator coil is replaced with a new one that exactly matches the condenser coil in the new condensing unit. (The air conditioner’s efficiency will likely not improve if the existing evaporator coil is left in place; in fact, the old coil could cause the new compressor to fail prematurely.) It can be hard to know when it is time to replace your air conditioner.


  • Lack of air flow or limited air flow
  • Build-up of moisture
  • Strange sounds
  • Foul smells
  • High energy bills

Paying attention to your central air conditioning system saves you money and reduces environmental pollution. Notice whether your existing system is running properly, and maintain it regularly. Or, if you need to purchase a new air conditioner, be sure it is sized and installed correctly and has a good EER or SEER rating.

Using Your Air Conditioner

Unless your contractor has sized your air conditioner to maximize humidity control instead of just cooling the air temperature, an air conditioner will cool the air in your home fairly quickly. For economical operation, turn it on only when your home is occupied. You may consider installing a digital programmable thermostat. These allow you to set the time when the air conditioner will turn on before you arrive home from work on a hot day. Contact EREC (see Source List) for the fact sheet Automatic and Programmable Thermostats. During the day, keep the drapes or blinds closed on windows that face east, south, and west. This will help reduce solar heat gain into your home.

Trusted AC Installation In North Easton

For all of your AC installation questions, Green Energy Mechanical Inc is glad to be of assistance. We’re North Easton’s top installation and replacement team! Whether you have an old air conditioner you are certain is ready to be replaced or just want some extra guidance, please let us know.

To learn more or request a low-pressure consultation, please contact us today! Did you know that we’re also North Easton’s top heating installation team?


My furnace was not working this morning. I called Green Energy and within a few hours Terry was here and quickly took care of the problem. Terry has been here before and is very professional and friendly.
Ginny C.
Satisfied Customer
Very professional operation. Great technicians. Follow COVID protocol. Leave your house and property very clear with no trace that work had been done.
Susan G.
Satisfied Customer
Quinn was really nice, professional, and answered all my questions in a clear and easy manner. The woman I spoke with on the phone was also very kind, so I will definitely use this company again.
Peter T.
Satisfied Customer
Green Energy Mechanical is a pleasure to work. We had both air conditioning and heating installed. During both jobs, GEM was thorough and professional from start to finish.
Sussane P.
Satisfied Customer
I could not be more pleased with the service provided. We have upgraded our water heater to a tank less. We are also getting our heat and ac installed by them. They care for your home like you would
Bryan G.
Satisfied Customer

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