Schedule annual AC maintenance in Needham, MA to keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently. Regular maintenance includes a thorough inspection of all components involved, a recalibration of the thermostat, a realignment of the entire system and a thorough cleaning of even the nooks and crannies. We will also take this time to look for any areas that are damaged and to check the condition of the air filter. If your air filter is dirty, we will recommend that you get it changed. If there are damaged parts, we will recommend various repair solutions.

The best time to schedule an AC tune-up in Needham is during mid-to-late spring. This gives us plenty of time to repair your unit or do any calibrations that are needed to restore it back to its original condition. From there, we can determine how often your unit needs to be serviced. If you have an older unit or if you regularly turn on the AC during the summer, you might need to get your AC serviced more frequently.