Schedule AC repair in Needham, MA when you notice things like your AC getting noisier when turned on, weaker or non-existent airflow, poor cooling ability and even leaks near the unit. Many people tend to neglect scheduling air conditioner repair services because they don’t inspect their unit often or they brush off these symptoms as something minor and temporary. The longer that you wait to get help, the worse that the problem will become, and in some worst-case scenarios, the AC unit may become irreparable.

Green Energy Mechanical Inc specialize in providing energy-efficient home solutions. Our team will perform an in-house inspection of your AC in order to determine not only what the problem is, but also what the cause may be. It’s important to treat a problem at its root to prevent it from recurring or from worsening with time. If you don’t fix a problem when it’s still relatively minor, it could worsen to the point where you’ll need to replace the entire unit.