Faucet problems can strike at any time and when they do, you’ll need to call the experts in Faucet Repair near Needham, MA.

Green Energy Mechanical Inc has been fixing faucets for years and we know all of the problems that these essential fittings can experience. From the leaking faucet that keeps you awake at night to the faucet that refuses to turn or which has become loose, we can fix them all. You depend on your faucets every day in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or garage. Just one fault can be a real inconvenience that you could do without. The good news is that we offer fast and professional faucet repairs that you can depend on. We can also assist with faucet installation so please let us know if this is a service that you need. From bathroom faucets to kitchen mixer taps, we offer a wide selection of styles or can install any faucet you have bought yourself. Call our team today to arrange an appointment.

First For Faucet Repair in Needham

We all depend on faucets every day. From washing hands and prepping vegetables to running baths and washing the car, where would we be without these handy fittings? If your faucet refuses to play ball and you need fast faucet repair in Needham, give us a call. We understand the inconvenience that a faulty faucet can bring and we’ll get one of our plumbers to you fast to find a quick fix. Whether you have a leaking faucet or a problem with water pressure, our plumbers will get to the heart of the problem. From hot and cold taps to mixer taps, we have experience in working with all types of faucets. We’ll leave your faucets running flawlessly and ensure that you are delighted with the service we provide.

Faucets can develop a range of problems. Here are just some of the issues we can assist you with:
  • Leaking faucets
  • Faucet is hard to turn
  • Rust or grime in water
  • Faucet is loose or broken