Green Energy Mechanical Inc offers fast and reliable Faucet Repair in Westwood, MA. If you have a leaking faucet, our experienced plumbers can replace it in a matter of hours, giving you a brand new, leak-free tap. Our faucet installation services come with an inspection of the fixtures to make sure everything looks good before we start the job. Upfront pricing and reasonable rates have made Green Energy Mechanical Inc the top plumbing company in Westwood.

Whether you want to stop wasting water or are replacing your faucet as part of a larger bathroom remodel, we get the job done. Plus, with an extensive catalog of options, you can find a new tap that fits your esthetic. Accessibility features, smart controls, and lots of other options make choosing a new faucet fun and interior design friendly.

Reliable Faucet Repair in Westwood

A leaking faucet can drip more than 30 gallons of water down the drain every month. That translates into a higher water bill and noise that may drive you up the wall. With our faucet repair services, you can leave the drips behind and stop all water flow when you turn off the tap.

If the kitchen sink is the culprit, we can offer you some great options for upgrades. Modern faucets come with interesting features like touch to turn on or touch-free controls. You can get the water flowing with just a wave of your hand, which is a great way to minimize contamination when handling meat or other food items.

There are many benefits to upgrading your faucets, including:
  • Less water down the drain
  • A new and improved look to your kitchen or bathroom
  • Improved water flow controls
  • Attachment options such as sprayers

No matter what room needs faucet installation, you’ll have lots of options to choose from. A long spout into a raised, basin sink could be just the right touch to finish your bathroom. A detachable tap and sprayer, all-in-one combo, could make using your kitchen sink more convenient. While a leak might be the motivation for calling in expert help, that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of the drips at the same time you plan a home renovation project.