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how do you know if you have a gas leak

How Do You Know if You Have a Gas Leak: 7 Signs to Look For

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“How do you know if you have a gas leak?”

This concerning question plagues homeowners observing strange occurrences in their households. Gas leaks present a unique danger to your home and family. When you notice the signs listed below, call Canton’s trusted emergency plumber immediately.

#1 Unpleasant Odors

Since natural gas doesn’t have a smell, gas companies add an unpleasant odor to alert homeowners to a potential leak. This safety precaution protects numerous families from deadly emergencies. Leaking gas has a distinctive smell that might remind you of sulfur or rotten eggs.

Stronger smells indicate more hazardous gas leaks that could cause greater destruction. If you detect this scent, evacuate your family and pets immediately. Once your home’s occupants have safely evacuated the building, call emergency services to assess the situation.  

#2 Odd Noises 

When a pipe or valve has sprung a leak, it might make a hissing noise as the gas leaves the piping. When the gas enters a pipe system, it remains under mild pressure to move it through to its destination. Once a rupture forms, it quickly departs the pipe before dissipating into the surrounding atmosphere.

This swift departure results in the signature hissing sound. The leak may continue even with all gas-powered appliances turned off. 

#3 Increased Gas Bills

How do you know if you have a gas leak? A sudden spike in your gas bills will let you know. If your local weather requires little, if any, heating assistance, you shouldn’t receive a gas bill.

However, a gas leak causes gas to escape even when you use no gas-powered appliances. Thus, getting a gas bill in the mail in the middle of summer indicates a gas leak. Alternatively, remain mindful of your average gas bill and request inspections when sudden, unexplained spikes occur. 

#4 Air Bubbles

As gas escapes, it rises into the atmosphere quickly. Some gas pipes run from an external gas reservoir to the internal furnace system. If an underground pipe springs a leak, it can affect your outdoor spaces. Thus, you might notice wet areas, like puddles in your yard, begin bubbling. As the gas rises, it disturbs the damp, wet surface and creates an illusion of slowly simmering water. Move away from the area and call a professional plumber to address the issue. 

#5 Oddly Colored Furnace Flames

If you suspect a gas leak, check your gas-powered stove for indicators. Your stove should ideally produce deep blue flames when ignited. But leaks allow other gasses to enter into the gas pipes.

The gasses contaminating your lines might produce yellow or orange flames instead of blue ones. Turn off your stove and any other gas-powered appliances. Exit your home and request assistance from first responders and emergency plumbers. 

#6 Dying Plant Life

Dying plants are among the scariest signs that you have a gas leak in your home. The leak affects the surrounding area, replacing oxygen with carbon monoxide.

Plants require fresh air to survive. Thus, constant exposure to a gas leak causes them to wilt and die. You might observe dead plants indoors or in your yard. Either way, an area covered in dead or dying plants is a serious warning sign. 

#7 Concerning Physical Symptoms

Like plants, people require fresh oxygen to live a healthy life. Depleted oxygen and gas contamination manifest physical symptoms. You or your family members could experience the following:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea 
  • Exhaustion

These symptoms indicate a severe threat to your health. Evacuate the building immediately and call first responders to assess the situation and your health. 

Protect Your Home from Gas Leaks

Natural gas leaks threaten the health of all living things within the vicinity. They can also lead to devastating consequences such as explosions. Use the following prevention methods to protect your family and home:

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors and inspect them occasionally. 
  • Inspect appliances that use gas, like stoves and furnaces. Check for ruptures, loose parts, and oddly colored flames. 
  • Allow professional technicians to inspect and perform maintenance on gas-powered appliances each year. 

How Do You Know if You Have a Gas Leak? Remove All Doubt with Green Energy Mechanical, Inc.

How do you know if you have a gas leak? If you have any doubts about your family’s safety, consider it an HVAC or plumbing emergency. Our dependable technicians protect your home with 24/7 services. When something seems off, call us at (781) 236-3421.


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