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Why Inefficient Air Conditioning Is Bad for Your Wallet

If you’re someone who puts off scheduling professional air conditioner maintenance until your system completely breaks down, you could end up wasting hundreds of dollars every year.

An inefficient air conditioning unit may seem to cool your house as it should, but it can cause your monthly bills to skyrocket. This post will review some causes of inefficient air conditioning and why you should schedule service for trusted air conditioner repair in Newton with the professionals at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. 

Signs Your Air Conditioner Does Not Work Efficiently

As long as your air conditioner blows cool air from the vents, you may not realize the amount of energy wastage going on in your own home. Here are some signs that your air conditioner may not work efficiently even though it still produces cool air.

Faulty Thermostat

A broken thermostat can’t communicate with your air conditioner to control the temperature inside your home. When you repeatedly adjust the thermostat, but the temperature never changes, your thermostat needs repair or recalibration.

Damaged Coils

When the coils that move coolant through your air conditioner develop holes over time, you could end up with all sorts of problems. If you look inside your air conditioner and see frost on the outside of the coils, that clearly indicates you have a coolant leak. The problem will only grow worse until you call a professional HVAC technician for repair.

High Cooling Costs

When an air conditioner struggles due to hidden damage, it can’t cool your home efficiently. You will end up paying more each month, and your air conditioner may not ever get your home as cool as you would like. If you notice a steady increase in your utility bills, you should schedule professional maintenance to measure your HVAC efficiency.

You Never Change the Air Filter

The air filter on your air conditioner removes dust, pollen, and other small particles from the air. The longer you wait between changing the air filter, the more caked with filth it becomes. When air can’t flow through the filter, you quickly end up with an inefficient air conditioning unit that struggles to operate as it should.

Changing the air filter regularly can help your unit work more efficiently and reduce the chance of additional damage.

Damaged Ductwork

Over time, the ductwork under your house or in your attic can develop damage that grows larger without professional repair. Small animals can make homes inside your ductwork, staying cozy while you waste money on cool air that never reaches all the rooms in your home. A professional HVAC contractor can repair damaged ductwork to prevent rodent infestations and allow your air conditioner to work more efficiently.

Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Good Shape

You want your air conditioner to provide accurate climate control for your home without wasting money, but what can you do to keep your air conditioner in good shape?

The best thing to do is schedule preventive maintenance with an annual service call. An HVAC technician has the skills to identify early signs of damage inside your air conditioner. If you replace damaged parts along the way, you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit. 

During the service call, the technician will change the air filter and clean the coils. They will also examine the thermostat and recalibrate it if necessary to help your air conditioner provide accurate temperature control.

The technician will add more coolant if necessary and clean away excess dust from around the vents. They will also examine the ductwork for signs of damage.

Many homeowners neglect annual air conditioner maintenance because they don’t want to invest the money into a service call. In reality, the cost of small repairs along the way can reduce the chance of more expensive repairs in the future. Regular maintenance can also extend the life of your air conditioner by at least five years. 

Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in Newton

If your home never gets cool enough, but your monthly utility bills keep increasing, you may have an inefficient air conditioning unit in your home. Scheduling regular maintenance with a professional HVAC technician will lower your monthly utility bills and reduce the environmental impact of your air conditioner. 

Green Energy Mechanical Inc. provides more information on how a dirty air filter affects air conditioning. To schedule a maintenance call for your inefficient air conditioning unit in Newton and the surrounding areas, call 781-236-3421 or fill out the online form.


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