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does a dirty air filter affect air conditioning

Does a Dirty Air Filter Affect Air Conditioning Performance?

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Air conditioning systems contain numerous components that work together to provide cooling comfort. One of the most crucial parts, which also requires regular attention, is the air filter. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about your air filter. 

When you don’t give your AC unit’s air filter the care it needs, it collects dirt and debris and can become too filthy to function properly. But how exactly does a dirty air filter affect air conditioning performance? We’ll discuss the common AC issues caused by a dirty air filter and how they can adversely affect your home or commercial building. 

For more information on proper air conditioning care or to schedule efficient AC service, contact Green Energy Mechanical Inc. As Canton’s expert AC maintenance technicians, we know how to quickly diagnose and fix your HVAC issues. 

Common AC Issues Caused by a Dirty Air Filter

How does a dirty air filter affect air conditioning performance? As an air filter collects more dirt and debris, it creates many problems within the air conditioning system. Some of these problems include:

  • Short cycling
  • Debris buildup and clogging in the air ducts
  • Cold air becoming trapped within the unit, eventually leading to ice on the evaporator coils
  • Overheating blower motor
  • Whole-system freeze-ups

How a Dirty Air Filter Can Adversely Affect Your Home

When one or more of the issues above occurs, it adversely affects your home or business. Ultimately, along with reduced efficiency, a dirty air filter can jeopardize both your comfort and health. 

Less Comfort

Some internal air conditioning issues harm the unit itself. Your air conditioner may begin to struggle and eventually stop blowing the cold air you need to stay comfortable.

Other problems, such as short cycling, result in uneven cooling. They cause your residential or commercial building to have hot and cold spots throughout, making it difficult for you to find a desirable temperature. If a dirty air filter causes these air conditioning malfunctions during the heat of summer, it could leave your building feeling muggy. 

Reduced Energy Efficiency

When your AC unit doesn’t run smoothly due to a dirty or clogged air filter, the entire system has to work harder. It consumes more and more energy as it attempts to cool your home or business and reach your desired indoor temperature. Higher energy consumption for an equal or reduced amount of cooling results in often drastic declines in energy efficiency. 

Worse Indoor Air Quality

The AC system’s air filter within your building is also a vital factor in determining indoor air quality. As air flows through the system, the air filter pulls pollutants, contaminants, and allergens out so that you don’t breathe them in. When the air filter is overly coated in dirt and debris, however, it can no longer provide proper filtration. 

As a result of poor filtration, worsened indoor air quality presents health risks. Airborne contaminants can cause respiratory problems, heightened allergies, and asthma attacks. 

How to Tell If Your Air Filter Is Dirty

Air conditioners typically show different signs of struggle when they have dirty filters. One indication that your air filter is dirty is that your AC system fails to cool the building to your desired temperature. It may blow warm air, produce hot and cold spots, or simply never reach the temperature you set on the thermostat.

Another way to tell that you have a dirty filter is to keep an eye on your monthly utility bill. If you see a sudden spike or a gradual yet steady increase, your filter may be the culprit.

Why Routine AC Maintenance Is the Best Solution

The most effective way to keep your air filters and entire air conditioning system as clean and high-functioning as possible is to schedule routine AC maintenance. Experienced professionals can provide thorough examinations, fixes, and replacements to ensure everything, including the air filter, is in good shape. Preventative maintenance keeps your AC unit running smoothly for a longer period and will save you money in the long run.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance Today

So how does a dirty air filter affect air conditioning performance? It leads to numerous system issues that result in reduced comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality.

To keep your cooling system functioning correctly and ensure high SEER ratings, get professional AC maintenance from Green Energy Mechanical Inc. Call us today at 781-236-3421 to schedule service.

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