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The Real Risks of Plumbing Backflow

Clean drinking water is a basic necessity. Plumbing backflow can contaminate your water supply, putting you and your family at serious risk for several health conditions. 

If you discover backflow in your plumbing system, you need an experienced emergency plumber in Canton. Green Energy Mechanical Inc. will work quickly to find the source of the problem and restore your water supply to avoid prolonged health hazards.

This post will define backflow and suggest ways to improve your plumbing system safety.

What Is Backflow?

Your pipes are designed for water to flow in a singular direction. Some pipes allow water to flow into your home through sinks and shower faucets. Your sewer pipes allow water to flow outside your home, preventing all sorts of health hazards.

When your pipes sustain damage, or there is a change in pressure for any reason, water could end up flowing backward through the pipes and into your home. You and your family could experience the effects of cross-contamination from various dangerous pollutants, including fertilizers, pool chemicals, and even waste from other people’s sewer systems.

Backflow Hazards

When dirty water flows backward and into your clean drinking water, you end up with a safety hazard. Drinking contaminated water can put you at risk of contracting a waterborne illness like E. coli or gastroenteritis. Scheduling an annual plumbing inspection is the best way to ensure your plumbing system is in good condition and that you aren’t at risk for plumbing backflow.

Signs of Backflow Problems

Even if your plumbing system is in good condition, backflow within municipal plumbing could cause backflow in your home. You may notice signs of plumbing backflow before you end up ingesting contaminated water. Watch for these signs to ensure you and your family do not get exposed to plumbing backflow:

Foul Odor

When sewage starts to back up into your home, your nose will tell you immediately. If you smell a foul odor when you get close to your faucets or drains, you could have a plumbing emergency on your hands in a matter of minutes.

Discolored Water

Water that doesn’t flow clear is always a cause for concern. Water contamination could change the color of your tap water to brown, yellow, or even pink. If you notice discolored water, don’t bathe in it, cook with it, or drink it. Instead, contact a professional plumber to determine the cause.

Low Water Pressure

When your plumbing system is in good working order, you should have the same water pressure throughout your home. If the water pressure is suddenly lower in some areas and higher in others, you could end up with backflow problems.

Ways to Prevent Plumbing Backflow

There are some simple ways to avoid backflow. Simple plumbing maintenance over time can help prevent larger problems in the future. Here are some easy steps to take:

Put a Removable Filter on Your Drains

Place an inexpensive filter on your drains to keep any small particles from forming clogs inside your pipes. Bits of food, animal fats, and even soap can fuse together and form clogs that lead to backflow problems.

Disconnect Sprinklers

If you use a sprinkler connected to a garden hose to water your lawn, always make sure to disconnect it from the water supply when it’s not in use. Leaving a hose connected to the faucet can change the water pressure and cause backflow problems inside your house.

Don’t Ignore Leaks

Leaky pipes and faucets alter the pressure inside your plumbing system. Repair leaks or replace damaged faucets right away to prevent bigger problems.

Install a Backflow Preventer

Installing a backflow prevention system is the best way to avoid backflow hazards. Even if you take measures to keep your plumbing system in good condition, you can’t always prevent backflow incidents. The cause of plumbing backflow may lie within the city’s plumbing system, making it unavoidable.

A built-in backflow prevention system can keep your water supply clean and safe. A professional plumber can inspect your plumbing system and guide you through the process of making your water supply safer for you and your family.

Emergency Plumbing Service in Canton

Consuming contaminated water can cause serious health issues. If you think you have a plumbing backflow problem, reach out to Green Energy Mechanical Inc. The team can help you determine what is considered a plumbing emergency and will work quickly to repair any plumbing problems in Canton and the surrounding areas. Schedule service by calling 781-236-3421 or by filling out the online form.


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