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Nothing feels better when your work day is over than a relaxing shower. Not only are you washing the sweat, dirt, and grime of the day away, but it also feels like you’re washing away the stress and pressure that’s been on you for hours. When your shower stops working, you need a reliable professional to fix it quickly and correctly.

Green Energy Mechanical Inc. offers the best shower valve repair in Hull, MA. Our team of well-trained and licensed technicians knows the urgency of getting your shower up and running. When you need a shower valve replacement, Green Energy Mechanical Inc. gets there quickly and gets your shower flowing fast.

What Is a Shower Valve?

A shower valve is a device that controls the water flow, output, and temperature in your shower. Water pouring from the bathtub spout or shower head must first pass through the shower valve to prevent scalding or water pressure issues. There are two kinds of shower valves widely used today.

Pressure Balancing Shower Valve

If you’ve ever been in the shower and got a rush of extra hot water because someone opened a sink faucet or flushed a toilet, you should greatly appreciate pressure balance shower valves. These valves prevent cold water from rerouting from your shower to the sink or toilet, eliminating the risk of scalding. Pressure balance shower valves are now mandatory for your home’s plumbing to meet code standards.

Pressure balance valves use an internal cartridge that can jam due to the buildup of mineral deposits. The valve can't deliver a reliable water temperature when this occurs. Our knowledgeable plumbers can install a replacement cartridge to ensure you and your family can shower safely and comfortably.

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Whereas a pressure-balancing shower valve controls water temperature with a spool, a thermostatic valve uses an actual thermometer. This enables the valve to set your shower’s water temperature to a specific degree and maintain that temperature for the life of the valve. Our plumbers at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. are the leaders in shower valve repair in Hull, MA, and can help you choose from multiple pressure balancing and thermostatic shower valves.

Do I Need a New Shower Valve?

Shower valve replacement may not be necessary if your plumber can safely repair the existing valve. However, if your valve is old and, therefore, not up to code, your plumber will have no choice but to install a new one. Our experts in shower valve repair in Hull, MA, can offer many options for valves and shower trim for your current shower or a new one you’re adding to your home.

Shower Valve Repair Near Me

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Who does shower valve repair near me?” and you live in the Hull, MA area, Green Energy Mechanical Inc. is the team for you. Call us at 781-236-3421 for questions about our home services.


My furnace was not working this morning. I called Green Energy and within a few hours Terry was here and quickly took care of the problem. Terry has been here before and is very professional and friendly.
Ginny C.
Satisfied Customer
Very professional operation. Great technicians. Follow COVID protocol. Leave your house and property very clear with no trace that work had been done.
Susan G.
Satisfied Customer
Quinn was really nice, professional, and answered all my questions in a clear and easy manner. The woman I spoke with on the phone was also very kind, so I will definitely use this company again.
Peter T.
Satisfied Customer
Green Energy Mechanical is a pleasure to work. We had both air conditioning and heating installed. During both jobs, GEM was thorough and professional from start to finish.
Sussane P.
Satisfied Customer
I could not be more pleased with the service provided. We have upgraded our water heater to a tank less. We are also getting our heat and ac installed by them. They care for your home like you would
Bryan G.
Satisfied Customer

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