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Here’s Why DIY Plumbing Costs You More Money

Are plumbing problems throwing a wrench in your downtime? Call 781-236-3421 to get the professional plumbers at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. on the job! 

Have DIY plumbing repairs tempted you recently? You probably picture saving hundreds while enjoying the satisfaction of solving a complex problem by yourself. Unfortunately, DIY plumbing attempts can result in a financial hemorrhage. Our team at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. explains why you should choose a skilled plumber in Milton, MA, instead.  

#1. No Tools or Equipment

Do you already own the plumbing tools required needed for the repair task? If not, how often do you think you’ll use them? Plumbers keep the tools of their trade on hand at all times. They use them frequently enough to make the investment worthwhile. 

The average homeowner won’t encounter enough plumbing problems to ensure the tools pay for themselves anytime soon. You could spend hundreds on quality plumbing tools only to use them only once or twice. 

#2. Inadequate Repair Practices

Many plumbing repair techniques aren’t as clear-cut as they seem. For example, you should never use certain sealants on PVC pipes. Some sealing formulas can damage the pipe materials, so you may not detect the pipe damage until much later. 

Plumbers often employ specific techniques to maximize water conservation and ensure that every component they install fits a home’s plumbing requirements. Plumbing is a trade that takes time to master, and instructions on a website don’t always provide the detailed knowledge an experienced plumber possesses.  

This lack of skill leads to mistakes that result in:

  • Further repairs (from professionals this time)
  • Extensive structural and water damage
  • Higher utility bills

In other words, you could lose more money than you’d save. 

#3. Choosing the Wrong Components

Residential and commercial plumbing systems are delicate networks that feature numerous complex components. Choosing the correct part isn’t as simple as purchasing your favorite type of cereal in a grocery store. You have to consider:

  • Component materials
  • Whether the component works with other parts of your plumbing system
  • Component size and measurements
  • Component quality

Additionally, you have to install the component correctly. For example, you need to attach a washer to a bolt. If you apply the bolt loosely, you risk water escaping from a valve. Apply the bolt too tightly, and you could crack the entire fixture beyond repair. In such situations, you must purchase more than the initial component. You will also buy a new replacement fixture.  

#4. Nullified Warranty

DIY plumbing often leads to unforeseen consequences. Your repair efforts could nullify the warranty on the appliance you tried to fix. Therefore, you must pay for any future repairs or replacements beyond your skill set out of pocket. The warranty no longer covers much-needed services that keep the plumbing fixtures in working condition.  

#5. Insurance Coverage

Another often unforeseen repercussion is the refusal of insurance coverage. For example, say you attempt a plumbing repair without the assistance of a licensed plumber. You use the wrong materials, resulting in a prematurely corroded pipe. The corrosion allows water to escape, causing extensive water damage to your home. 

Most insurance companies won’t cover this damage. Their policy underwriting often outlines that only licensed professionals should handle such repairs. Therefore, you’ll pay thousands for additional repairs and water damage mitigation. 

#6. Potential Medical Bills

Certain plumbing tasks, like replacing a toilet or fixing a sewage line, involve dangerous substances. Any repair involving toilets, drain lines, and sewer lines could expose you and your family to black or gray water. Black and gray water is unsanitary and carries:

  • Biohazardous human waste
  • Contagious microbes
  • Decaying organic material

People exposed to these substances can contract severe illnesses. Even minor lacerations allow pathogens to enter a person’s bloodstream. Some microbes will enter your body via your respiratory system. You and your family members may need extensive medical attention to survive the infection. 

Reputable plumbing companies equip their plumbers with personal protection equipment, such as high-performance respiratory masks, durable gloves, and waders. Plus, plumbers know the safety protocols to effectively eliminate exposure to such dangerous contaminants. 

Don’t Try DIY Plumbing! Let Green Energy Mechanical Inc. Handle the Problem

DIY plumbing threatens your wallet, health, and home. Rather than risk enormous financial losses, you should opt for services from the knowledgeable plumbers at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. We ensure our team offers transparent quotes and advice about all your plumbing woes. 

Will your toilet unclog itself eventually? Find out by calling 781-236-3421 for a plumbing inspection.

Author Bio:

Jonathan Neves

Worked in the HVAC industry since he was 17. He started as an HVAC service technician for commercial buildings and eventually came into the residential market because of his love of working with people. He believes that what really sets Green Energy Mechanical apart is how long they stand behind their work and how compassionate his employees are for their clients.



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