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What Causes Poor Air Quality in Your Home?

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Are you experiencing poor air quality in your home? Poor indoor air quality isn’t just uncomfortable; in many instances, it’s harmful to your health. As Canton’s reliable AC maintenance specialists, Green Energy Mechanical Inc is passionate about helping you maintain your air quality. 

Keep reading to discover the most common causes of this problem and how you can improve air quality.

Poor Ventilation

In general, poor ventilation exacerbates most issues with your air quality. Whether you have leaky ductwork or your air conditioning filter needs replacing, improving your ventilation often reduces or eliminates indoor air quality problems.


While construction companies can no longer use asbestos because of its high toxicity, the substance is still abundant in older homes. Before regulations, construction crews used asbestos in everything from paint to pipe linings and floor tiles. If you’ve exposed your home’s asbestos, talk with an HVAC professional about ways to remove or contain it.

Natural Pollutants

Various places in your home are vulnerable to mold and fungal growth, which often grow undetected in your walls. You’ll start noticing a problem through worsening allergies or respiratory problems. For severe infestations, you can often smell the mold in moments of high humidity. Address these pollutants quickly to avoid developing severe respiratory diseases.

Other natural air contaminants include dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.

Appliance Byproducts

Your HVAC devices and appliances that burn fossil fuels, such as natural gas or gasoline, produce byproducts like carbon monoxide. Even some candles can pollute your air, albeit not to the extent or severity as major appliances. If you have an appliance that burns anything other than electricity, make sure you have the proper safety devices installed, such as carbon monoxide detectors.

Artificial Fragrances

Fragrances such as perfumes, air fresheners, and deodorizers leave particles in the air that adversely affect your air quality. They can also combine with other substances in your air to break down faster, leaving you with a lingering cough. To help prevent artificial fragrances from affecting your air quality, only use items with natural or organic chemicals.


Radon is a naturally occurring gas that develops when the uranium in the sediment decays. In high enough levels, it’s incredibly toxic and can cause cancer and other serious illnesses. You can purchase a home radon test to determine your levels, or your HVAC specialist can give you a faster and more accurate measurement.

High Humidity

If your home suffers high humidity levels, it makes the air uncomfortable and encourages the growth of mold and viruses. One of the best ways you can prevent poor indoor air quality is to keep your home between the acceptable humidity levels of 30-50%.


If you smoke or use tobacco, you most certainly have poor air quality in your home. Health professionals have long documented the effects of both first-hand and second-hand smoke. If you can’t stop smoking, restrict your cigarette usage to outdoors to prevent contaminating your entire home.


If you use chemicals to kill ants, rats, termites, or other pests, you should know that they linger in your home and permeate your indoor air. Traces of the chemicals can stick to the surfaces of your floor, walls, counters, and more. To avoid complications like cancer and central nervous system problems, moderate how often you use pesticides and always dispose of them properly.

Dirty Fabrics

Everything from carpets to bed sheets to your dirty laundry can accumulate dust, dirt, dander, and more. To prevent this buildup from affecting your overall air quality, vacuum frequently and regularly wash your bed sheets, rugs, and clothes. 

Furniture Treatments

If you use furniture treatments like polish, stains, or certain waxes, the chemicals can slowly degrade and become airborne. Use all-natural products as much as possible to clean and maintain your furniture.

Cleaning Agents

Products such as glass cleaners and disinfectants quickly dissolve into your air and, over time, can cause health risks. Whenever possible, limit your cleaning products to natural substances like vinegar.

Contact Green Energy Mechanical Inc for Improved Air Quality

If you have poor air quality in your home, don’t waste time and risk your health. Green Energy Mechanical Inc provides prompt and effective service and can diagnose your air quality problems. We work with you to find a solution, leaving you 100% satisfied every time.

Green Energy Mechanical Inc provides a wide variety of indoor air quality services. To learn more or to book an appointment, call 781-236-3421.


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