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Leaking Sewage Health Hazards: What You Need to Know

The last thing you need is for your haven to turn into a health hazard zone. When you question the safety of your home, call Green Energy Mechanical Inc.!

When dirty water goes down shower and sink drains, toilet bowls, and washing machine and dishwasher lines, this gray water travels to household septic tanks and empties into the municipal sewer line. However, when sewage water mixes with human waste, sewage gases, pathogens, and other contaminants, it turns into black water, making leaking sewage health hazards a significant problem. 

Whether wastewater is backing up and resurfacing around your drains or causing pooling around other parts of your property, you need Green Energy Mechanical Inc. for an emergency plumber in Canton, MS, available 24/7. Our #1 NATE-certified and ENERGY STAR-certified team in the area has 15 years of experience helping your neighbors with similar problems, so reach out for assistance when you need it. 

How Does Sewage Water Become an Issue on Your Property?

Rather than moving to a treatment plant, wastewater reverses flow direction and travels back up your pipes and sometimes onto your floors from an overflowing toilet, sink, or tub if there’s damage to the main line or septic tank. Backflow also occurs when water pressure lessens in the system, pulling it back up the drain, or clogs keep waste from surpassing it. 

Other times, you may smell sewage leaks on your property or notice lush sections on your grass from a cracked pipe leaking water. Usually, tree roots or small animals penetrating the line while searching for moisture are the primary culprits. Other times, corrosion or old and worn pipes reaching the end of their lifespan cause these issues, but despite the cause, a repair is the only solution to prevent health risks. 

Health Risks that Come with Sewage Waste

Professionals who work at water treatment plants and within the centralized sewer system are more prone to leaking sewage health hazards since they’re around unhygienic water more often. However, with personal protective equipment (PPE) like goggles and gloves keeping their skin, eyes, and lungs from encountering parasites and viruses, they have a better defense than the average resident. 

Therefore, if you notice any of the above concerns, call for expert assistance immediately to prevent health risks that take the following forms:

  • Bacterial Issues: Whether from a skin abrasion or orally consuming bacteria from food, drinking water, or by touching your hand to your mouth, infections can occur. These infections enter your digestive system or bloodstream, leading to symptoms like bloody stool, vomiting, cramping, and abdominal pain. These bacterial issues can lead to campylobacteriosis, E. coli, and organ failure.
  • Viral infections: Viral infections enter the body similarly to bacterial infections and sometimes lead to the same symptoms like fevers, sore throats, and nausea. However, unlike the single-cell contaminant that survives on its own, viral infections take over healthy cells, leading to Gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A, Encephalitis, and temporary or permanent paralysis. 
  • Parasites: Parasitic diseases originate from waterborne parasites like dwarf tapeworm (causing weakness and nausea), threadworm (causing skin irritations), hookworm (contributing to rashes), and giardia parasites (leading to intestinal infections.) They also cause the two most common parasitic infections: Giardiasis and Cryptosporidiosis. 

What to Do If You Come in Contact with Wastewater

While you’re waiting for our speedy team at Green Energy Mechanical Inc. to show up with all the necessary top-of-the-line tools and equipment to sanitize your home and limit the spread of infections. As you can assume, that means keeping contact to a minimum, whether you notice sewage contamination pooling in your basement, lawn, or bathtub, to prevent leaking sewage health hazards.

  • Cut your finger and toenails short so underneath them won’t prove a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Keep from touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth so viruses don’t enter your body.
  • Sanitize cuts and abrasions.
  • If you’re managing dirty water, such as keeping it from entering other household areas, wear protective equipment to prevent the spread.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • Change contaminated clothes immediately and keep these soiled clothes separate from other dirty clothes.

Call Us for Peace of Mind!

With five-star reviews on Angie’s list and an A+ BBB rating, it’s no wonder many consider our committed and capable team the area’s best. We work diligently to repair and replace broken or worn pipes with leak detection, clean clogged drains, and maintain septic tanks. 

Check out our extensive services by calling Green Energy Mechanical Inc. at 781-236-3421. We’ll explain leaking sewage health hazards further and provide 0% financing for seven years today!

Author Bio:

Jonathan Neves

Worked in the HVAC industry since he was 17. He started as an HVAC service technician for commercial buildings and eventually came into the residential market because of his love of working with people. He believes that what really sets Green Energy Mechanical apart is how long they stand behind their work and how compassionate his employees are for their clients.



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