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do new ac units come with refrigerant

Do New AC Units Come with Refrigerant?

Homeowners often have many questions when purchasing new air conditioning equipment, such as, “Do new AC units come with refrigerant?” To answer quickly, yes, all new AC units come with refrigerant, but knowing the type of refrigerant helps you understand how to properly care for your air conditioner. AC refrigerant fluids have changed in recent years and continue to change as HVAC science and technology lean harder into eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions.

With so many changes in recent refrigerants, leave refrigerant replacement and AC installation in Canton, MA, to the professionals.

How Does Refrigerant Work?

HVAC units have an interior and exterior unit connected by a heat pump, all working together to remove heat from your home and supply cool interior air. These units work by exchanging refrigerant, with each side performing a different function to make the refrigerant transfer temperature. It begins with the condenser coil, where refrigerant enters as a heated gas and expels into the outside.

The refrigerant then enters the evaporator coil. As the refrigerant cools inside, it returns to its liquid form and uses endothermic energy to absorb hot air from your home, causing cool air in the vacuum left behind. Your HVAC fan then pushes that cooled air into your vents.

Once the refrigerant turns back into a gas, it removes the warm air from your house and begins the process again.

Do I Need to Add Refrigerant to My New AC Unit?

Unless you have a refrigerant leak in your brand-new AC unit, you typically won’t need to recharge your system with refrigerant more often than every few years. If your unit doesn’t produce cool air, you can check your refrigerant lines to see if they’ve split, developed holes, or otherwise experienced damage. Let a professional handle any refrigerant leaks you find, as they can safely repair damaged lines or equipment and refill your refrigerant for you.

What Type of Refrigerant Is in My New AC Unit?

When homeowners ask, “Do new AC units come with refrigerant?” they rarely follow up with questions about the type of refrigerant. Most older air conditioners came with Freon, a common refrigerant now associated with destroying the ozone layer. While Freon remains popular, other more environmentally-friendly refrigerants have emerged, often with the ability to outstrip Freon’s cooling efficiency.

Types of refrigerants newer AC models may come with include:

R-22: Freon

Freon still finds use in certain AC units, even with its reputation as a major cause of global warming. Many HVAC manufacturers have phased this refrigerant out of their line-up, and as more companies discover new eco-friendly alternatives, Freon will continue to disappear.

R-410a: Puron

Puron hit the HVAC scene in 1996 and quickly overtook Freon use as the best way to enjoy air conditioning without injuring the ozone layer. However, as of December 27, 2020, the U.S. Congress passed the AIM (American Innovation and Manufacturing) Act, which moves to phase out HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) usage. While Puron doesn’t hurt the ozone layer, it does release HFCs, which damage the environment and make Puron a candidate to phase out with other HFC-based products.

R-454b: Puron Advance and R-466a: Solstice N41

As much as Puron displaced Freon, Puron Advance and Solstice N41 will replace the original Puron formula. These new formulas minimally impact the environment while doing no further damage to the ozone layer, a win-win scenario for everyone who enjoys the cool blast of their air conditioning.

Can I Replace or Recharge My Refrigerant Myself?

While new air conditioners use refrigerants that don’t damage the ozone layer or environment, only professional HVAC technicians should handle these new substances. Two major reasons you shouldn’t try replacing your own refrigerant include:

1. Flammable Substances

New refrigerants are more flammable than past solutions, requiring techs to learn new methods for safely handling refrigerant recharges. 

2. Blends Over Pure Chemicals

The recipe for new refrigerants includes more than one ingredient, often resulting in needing to completely drain the old refrigerant and replace it to keep the chemical balance correct.

Since you’ll have a new air conditioner, this problem shouldn’t arise. However, if you discover a refrigerant leak, call your local HVAC professionals, and don’t attempt to repair damaged refrigerant lines or replace depleted refrigerant yourself. You may cause further damage, hurt yourself, or cause a fire without the proper training and equipment.

New AC Installation and Refrigerant Leak Repair in Canton, MA

Purchasing a new AC unit in Canton, MA, often prompts the question, “Do new AC units come with refrigerant?” When you want help learning how to get the most from your air conditioner, call Green Energy Mechanical Inc. at (781) 236-3421.

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