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Don’t settle for a less-than-warm home during the winter — call one of the best heat pump repair companies in Hingham!

Long-time Hingham, MA, residents know how valuable their heat pumps are for staying warm during the city’s harsh winters. Although these appliances are more durable than traditional furnaces, they won’t last forever. 

When your heat pump malfunctions, you can trust Green Energy Mechanical Inc. for the best home heat pump repair in Hingham, MA.

Heat Pump Repair - Green Energy Mechanical Inc.
Heat Pump Repair - Green Energy Mechanical Inc.

Our Heat Pump Repair Process

We start our heat pump repair in Hingham, MA, by checking your home’s thermostat. In some cases, the thermostat is the cause of inadequate indoor heat rather than the actual unit. Once we determine you have a functioning thermostat, we move on to the heat pump.

We’ll check your heat pump’s internal components, looking for every possible issue. We’ll refill the refrigerant, remove blockages, clean dirty parts, and replace the broken ones as necessary. Finally, we’ll move on to the unit’s external components, like the ductwork, and fix those as well.

We’re qualified to restore several kinds of heat pumps, including:

  • Traditional heat pumps
  • Ductless heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps

How to Tell When You Need Heat Pump Repair in Hingham, MA

Heat pump problems aren’t always easy to spot, but it’s vital to catch them early before they progress into issues that break the unit. Below are three of the most common problems that plague heat pumps, and each is a valid reason to schedule heat pump repair in Hingham, MA.

Short Cycling

When your heat pump turns on, it should run for at least ten minutes two or three times per hour. Power cycles below that threshold typically indicate that your heat pump is either incorrectly reading temperatures or is overworking to heat your home, and our team can fix either issue.

Unusual Noises

Although you’re probably used to your heat pump making some noises, grinding, rattling, or constant clicking are signs of a unit with a broken part.

Home Can’t Hold a Comfortable Temperature

You should call for heat pump repair in Hingham, MA, as soon as your heat pump stops heating your home properly. Unfortunately, heating inefficiency is a symptom of countless heat pump problems, but our skilled technicians can diagnose the real issue and fix it on-site.

Home Heat Pump Repair FAQ’s

World Class Heat Pump Repair Service in Hingham, MA

Our team has served the Hingham, MA, community since 2008, bringing reliable fixes and timely service to homes across the city, and we can’t wait to work with you next.

Call Green Energy Mechanical Inc. today at (781) 531-8608 to schedule an appointment for heat pump system repair or learn more about our heat pump replacement services.


My furnace was not working this morning. I called Green Energy and within a few hours Terry was here and quickly took care of the problem. Terry has been here before and is very professional and friendly.
Ginny C.
Satisfied Customer
Very professional operation. Great technicians. Follow COVID protocol. Leave your house and property very clear with no trace that work had been done.
Susan G.
Satisfied Customer
Quinn was really nice, professional, and answered all my questions in a clear and easy manner. The woman I spoke with on the phone was also very kind, so I will definitely use this company again.
Peter T.
Satisfied Customer
Green Energy Mechanical is a pleasure to work. We had both air conditioning and heating installed. During both jobs, GEM was thorough and professional from start to finish.
Sussane P.
Satisfied Customer
I could not be more pleased with the service provided. We have upgraded our water heater to a tank less. We are also getting our heat and ac installed by them. They care for your home like you would
Bryan G.
Satisfied Customer

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