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how does geothermal hvac work

How Does Geothermal HVAC Work?

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The fight to keep our planet as healthy as possible continues with community and individual efforts. Instead of traditional heating and cooling methods, you can consider using a geothermal heat pump. But how does geothermal HVAC work?

Green Energy Mechanical Inc’s HVAC experts in Canton, MA, can help you better understand the benefits of geothermal systems. Read more to learn what this word means and how these systems function!

Six Facts About Geothermal HVAC You Need To Know

When it’s time to change your HVAC approach, remember these geothermal facts and ask for more information. You could see better results with more recent technology than with traditional systems.

#1. Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Have Three Parts

To answer, “How does geothermal HVAC work?” you need to know the system parts. A GHP system will consist of three main units:

  • An Underground Heat Collector: A collection of tubes that use some chemical or liquid to collect or disperse heat energy
  • A Heat Pump Unit: A unit you can control with a thermostat to set the system to heating or cooling the property
  • A Heat Distribution Subsystem: For ducted systems, air ducts redistribute the warm or cold air, while ductless systems use mini-split heat pumps in each room

#2. You Can Choose From Five Types of Geothermal Systems

Geothermal heat pumps come in five different types, three of which are what’s called “closed loop.” The three closed-loop systems can benefit buildings depending on the environment:

  • Horizontal ground loops can fit in spaces with more ground area for the coils to circulate.
  • Vertical ground loops are typically more convenient when there’s less available ground, like for larger buildings or commercial areas.
  • Pond or lake loops use a nearby body of water by burrowing the coils at least eight feet under it.

A closed-loop system circulates a chemical that can exchange heat with a chosen medium, like an air conditioner. An open-loop system uses well or surface body water as the fluid for heat exchange. A hybrid system can combine the use of air, water, and deep soil for optimal heating or cooling.

#3. Geothermal Systems Must Follow Certain Rules

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a few requirements for how ventilation systems should work. Therefore, every HVAC installation specialist should treat the system similarly to how they would when installing traditional systems. Such care may include monitoring the distance of the heat pump from a window or suggesting central systems instead of mini-splits.

#4. Geothermal Systems Work Similarly To Traditional Ones

“How does geothermal HVAC work?” becomes easier to answer when you think of the similarities. The principle follows that, during cold weather, the system should collect heat energy and distribute it indoors. During warm weather, it should collect heat energy and redistribute it somewhere outdoors.

As noted earlier, closed-loop systems work much like an air conditioner. The refrigerant circulates through the system and either collects or releases heat, depending on its location. While open and hybrid systems have some differences, it follows the general rule of heat redistribution.

#5. These Systems Rely on More Than Air

A traditional furnace uses oil, natural gas, or wood, among other fuels, to warm the property. Likewise, a usual heat pump uses outdoor air for heat transfer. Instead, as the name suggests, a geothermal or ground-source heat pump exchanges heat with the ground instead of the air. 

Between 12 to 40 feet underground, the temperature typically stays around 48 to 52 F. The constant underground temperatures make them more reliable than air temperatures for heat pump use. 

#6. Consistency Is Key To These System Benefits

Consistent temperatures mean you can rely on your geothermal heat pump to have an adequate heat source. Your system can reliably adapt to the ambient temperatures in and around your home.

While the installation typically costs more than traditional types, it uses fewer hazardous materials. You reduce the chance of gas leaks and fire hazards using a geothermal system. Moreover, they often require fewer repairs and less energy to function, allowing you to save money.

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