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how to balance heat in a two-story house

How To Balance Heat in a Two-Story House

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Owning a two-story home has many perks, like plenty of space and privacy. However, it also has its challenges, managing temperature control among them. Do you know how to balance heat in a two-story house to beat the rising summer temperatures?

Green Energy Mechanical, Inc., Canton’s top HVAC contractor, offers professional recommendations below. Strike the perfect temperature balance in your towering home with the following tips. 

What Is Heat Balancing?

Heat balancing helps your HVAC system circulate air more evenly throughout your home. Does one area feel warmer or cooler than another area? If so, you need to balance the dispersal of conditioned air to keep the temperatures comfortable throughout the home. 

Two-story houses often need their heat balanced. Warm air is lighter than cool air and rises as a result. Therefore, the top story of a home becomes hotter than the lower levels. Occupants with rooms on the top floor can become uncomfortable, especially during soaring summer temperatures. 

The Benefits of Balanced Air Circulation

Why should you balance the circulation in your home? Examine the following benefits:

  • Effective operations: Unbalanced circulation might force your HVAC system to work harder. Therefore, it operates inefficiently. After balancing the air circulation, the HVAC system’s performance improves significantly. 
  • Improved comfort: Balanced heating and cooling make everyone more comfortable year-round. Your upstairs occupants don’t have to fight with the thermostat to achieve their desired temperature. 
  • Energy efficiency: Finally, a well-balanced HVAC system will operate more efficiently. It uses less energy to reach the same goals. You’ll pay less in monthly utility bills as a result.

Ready to learn how to balance heat in a two-story house? Find some helpful methods below!

How To Balance Heat in a Two-Story House

You can perform some of the following home heating tips on your own. Others require assistance from professional service providers. All suggestions will help your family enjoy optimal comfort in your two-story house throughout all seasons. 

Inspect for Practical Issues

Sometimes, you can fix unbalanced air circulation with a few minor adjustments. Inspect the following elements and experiment with them:

  • Thermostat settings: Many homeowners keep their thermostat set to “Auto.” This setting only allows the fan to run when the HVAC system changes the temperature. Change the setting to “On” occasionally. This setting allows air to continue circulating after it reaches the correct temperature. It may distribute air more evenly.
  • Ceiling and box fans: Use fans to improve air circulation. They can shuffle the air around, aiding in even distribution throughout each room.
  • Vent positions: Inspect each vent to ensure no furniture or other objects block the air release. Experiment with the grate position to push air in different directions. 

Replace Your Attic Insulation

Can you remember when you last replaced or refreshed your attic insulation? It plays a key role in keeping the upper level at your preferred temperature. Most insulation needs replacement every 15 years. Contact an insulation expert to determine whether you need fresh material. 

Try Zoning Technology

Zoning your system allows you to divide your home into separate areas. Each area has its own equipment to control the temperatures. For example, the upstairs area needs a lower temperature setting due to its location. But that setting makes the downstairs area uncomfortably cool. 

A zoning system allows you to individually manage each story’s humidity levels and temperature. You can better meet your family’s comfort needs without overworking your system.  

Shop for More Efficient System Technology

Perhaps your current HVAC system isn’t equipped to effectively condition a multi-level home. In such situations, you can assign your current system to one level and install a more efficient system for the other level. This approach gives you maximum comfort control and significantly improves your energy efficiency. 

For example, the upstairs area may have less square footage than the downstairs area. A ductless mini-split could effectively manage the upper level’s temperature. An HVAC technician can reassign your current system to the lower story. Alternatively, you could install window units in the upper story. 

Find Balanced HVAC Solutions With Green Energy Mechanical, Inc.

Learning how to balance heat in a two-story house can help you feel comfortable, regardless of your home’s size and architecture. Green Energy Mechanical, Inc. can assist you in finding the perfect solution for your home. We’ll also recommend solutions for poor air quality for better health and comfort. 

At Green Energy Mechanical, Inc., our expertise goes beyond heating and cooling. Call 781-236-3421 for plumbing assistance.


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